Welcome to Dossenheim!

Please find here information, which will help you to make the first steps in our city and country:



Welcome to Germany!

This workbook will make your first steps in Germany easier and wants to encourage you to learn German.

It is a useful and simple beginners’ guide which includes

– the alphabet
– essential phrases
– some basics of German grammar
– examples for use in everyday life

We hope you will enjoy studying with it!


pdf fluechtlingshilfe-muenchen.de/-/Deutschheft.pdf >>





A Guide for Orientation and Communication in GermanyA Guide for Orientation and Communication in Germany

This guide aims to provide information about the country you now find yourself in. It has been designed in response to common questions of refugees. Most of the behavior described below is common practice for most of the people, most of the time:

– Public Life
– Personal Freedom
– Community Life
– Equality
– Environment and Ecology
– Food, Drinks and Smoking
– Formalities and Bureaucracy
– In Case of Emergency

pdf A Guide for Orientation and Communication in Germany >>
pdf دليل التوجيه و التواصل ب بألمانيا (arabic) >>

Other Languages you will find here:
www.refugeeguide.de >>


Other Information about living in Germany you will find here:

خطواتي الأولى في ألمانيا – معلومات للاجئين الجدد – (Arabic) >>
اطلاعات پناهندگی و زندگی در آلمان – (Dari) >>
Germany Guide for Refugees – (English) >>
Erste Schritte in Deutschland – (German) >>


The Interview: a key part of the asylum procedureThe Interview: a key part of the asylum procedure

We would like to use this leaflet to give you some advice about the interview in your asylum procedure. The interview is the most important opportunity you have to explain why you fled your home country.

That is why it can determine whether you will receive protection in Germany. And that is also why you should prepare yourself well for the interview.

pdf english >>
pdf arabic >>

Other Languages you will find here:
www.asyl.net/index.php?id=337 >>





Asylum proceedings in Germany

This is an educational film from the Federal Offfice for Migration and Refugees about then asylum proceedings in Germany.


Other Languages you will find here:

www.youtube.com/-/feed >>





Studying in Germany for refugees:

Many information about studying in Germany you can find here:
www.studying-in-germany.org/information-for-refugees >>